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Novnik Development Research

Research and Planning

Planning is an integral part of the development cycle. We take the process very seriously and always make it our business to learn yours before we dive into the scoping process. This means we listen first, research second and ultimately deliver advice based on informed decisions to drive your project to fruition. As a team we work with you and your stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategy that is certainly focused on delivering a superior performing results driven product for you.


Design is a skill set that is not taught, you either can or can't design. What can be taught is the principles of design and those of us who have mastered the process understand that the final delivery is much more than just a visual experience. The design must be functional as well, this is why we set out to take on our projects based on a principle known as UCD or User Centered Design. This process involves taking into consideration key details of the overall deliverable not just the visual expectations. This means we endeavor to understand the end users experience based on the market the application is meant to serve.

Novnik Development Research
Novnik Development Research

Develop & Deploy

In today's mobile marketplace conceptual design is only half the battle. With technology we can now animate the design in many ways we could not just a few short years ago. Nowadays we have mobile, tablet and pc displays to deal with so making sure a responsive plan is considered at the outset of any design conversion is key to your success. When targeting these various display types we have to consider not only the size restrictions but also how the devices are viewing our applications. This means we have to ensure the applications built are not only responsive to mobile devices but are also responsive to the numerous browsers found in these devices. Using cloud technology is a great advantage and helps us overcome these hurdles so that we can deliver unparalleled intense designs that are not only striking but functional no matter how you access them.

Post Launch

Our commitment to delivering the very best possible web and mobile applications is staunch. However, our commitment to maintaining the products and services we deliver is just as important to us. Launching your site is a very exciting time as it culminates many many hours of hard work and dedication. But the reality is the launch is just the beginning not the end of the development cycle. We have a dedicated resource model that is affordable and ensures we're on the spot when you are needing updates and/or improvements.

Novnik Development Research

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